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Looking for oversea's agent for the marketing & sa

Joinset is looking for oversea''s agent for the marketing…

Joinset is looking for oversea''s agent for the marketing and sales of Both-M because Joinset was starting a sales & marketing of Both-M that is mutilayer metal adhesive tape from January of 2008. Both-M that is vertical and horizontal electric conductive tape is suitable for most of EMI/ESD/Thermal management due to it''s flexibility and mechanical strength. Both-M was world firstly invented and patented including world patents pending by Santo Kim of Joinset.

Joinset is expecting that Both-M could replace of most of current conductive fabric and single layer metal foil tapes due to price and properties in a soon.

Please contact Mr. Santo Kim for more informations at info@joinset.com 


Joinset's records of 2007

Intelligence properties (IP) : Joinset have got 70…

Intelligence properties (IP) : Joinset have got 70 patents and 15 patents pending by end of Dec. 31 of 2007. Some of above patents are World wide patents pending (WIPO)

Joinset''s family''s (Joinset, Qindao Joinset, Join M) sales amounts were increased more than 50% against those of 2006.

Joinset decided the withdrawal the stock shares of Tewa-Joinset located in Poland.
(Joinset''s stock shares was 18% for Tewa-Joinset)


Set up new equipments of sputtering machines

Joinset have got 2 systems of sputtering machines…

Joinset have got 2 systems of sputtering machines for ceramic and metal coating on ceramic components such as EMI filters, Sensor and Piezo.
One is "Ulvac (Japan)" and the other is "Emerald (Germany)".
The sputtering machines will provide thin, fine and uniform coating layers on the ceramic body.
These system will be good for Joinchip series which were world firstly developed and patented for new ceramic technology by Joinset.
So, Joinset have got the technologies and know-hows for Thin, Thick and multilayer ceramic components.


Dispatching Film Temperature sensors using Joinchi

Joinset announced that they are dispatching Film Temperature…

Joinset announced that they are dispatching Film Temperature sensors ( Part No. "JSPI" series ) to customers. Polyimde (PI) film and high temperature adhesive are applied on and below of the metal wires and a thermistor to have a thin and flexible dimensions. A NTC thermistor which has been produced by JoinChip technology has been applied on these sensor as a sensing unit. So these have good mechanical strength and fast response sensing time, as usual.
The unique design and characteristic of JoinChip Thermistors may provide lots of merits with customers.
These temperature sensors are suitable for PCM of battery for mobile devices and CPU of computers.

For more information, please search " Film Thermistor " at our product line.


Have got patents for EMI/ESD Filters ( Multi funct

Have got patents for EMI/ESD Filters ( Multi function…

Have got patents for EMI/ESD Filters ( Multi function Filters )

Joinset have got the patents for SMD types EMI/ESD Filters with multi-function.
These Filters are produced by JoinChip process and designs which are also patented and Int'l patent pending.
These Filters have got both functions of EMI and ESD because these filters are made of Varistor, Resistor and Ferrite.
Some of previous RC and LC filters for high frequency will be replaced Joinset''s multi-function filters step by step.
The sizes are 2012 and 1608, and single and array are available.