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Have got Patents for new ACF and its Conductive Po

New ideas and technologies for making new ACF (anisotropic…

New ideas and technologies for making new ACF (anisotropic conductive film)
and it’s Conductive Powder have got Korean patent and International patent-pending.
The Conductive Powder is made of conductive silicone powder so that it could provide more good conductivity and resiliency against previous conductive polymer powder.
These conductive films could be used at the electrical and mechanical of Glass and PCB, and IC Mounting on PCB   


New invention of “Lengstor” for new Sensors

“Lengstor”, firstly designed and developed by Joinset…

“Lengstor”, firstly designed and developed by Joinset in the world, are new Sensors.
The electric resistance and capacitance of them are changed by the changing of the length and volume of them.
The original concepts of this new invention are based on the technologies of resilience conductivity, length and volume.
These patent-pending new sensors could be used in balances, robots and elector-mechanical devices such as “Human-touch sensor”
The inventor, President Santo Kim, said, “Lengstor” will be applied in new products to create new purposes in the future. He said “please thin


Certified UL 94 V-0 for Alshield EMI Gasket

Have got UL approval of 94 V-0 in flammability for…

Have got UL approval of 94 V-0 in flammability for Alshield EMI gaskets which is made by Shieldom that was firstly developed in the middle of July of 2004 by Joinset.
Alshied and Shieldom also meet Eu-RoHS that are green products.
Those are very useful for PDP,LCD and Computers in EMI shielding and grounding against previous EMI fabric gasket.
Alshield gasket have been used in LG’s PDP–TV from early of 2005.


Announce Embossing EMI Gasket

Announce Embossing EMI Gasket "Alshield" Alshield…

Announce Embossing EMI Gasket "Alshield"

Alshield is the Embossing EMI Gasket which has a
structure consisting of an elastonmer as inner core and an electromagnetic shielding material- embossed aluminium alloy & natural pulp -as an material "Sheildom" the sheilding material of Alshield is

1.Very low resistance (Max. 0.01 Ω/□)

2.High reliabilty in high humidity & temperature

3.No change of conductivity and color

4.Does not pollute water and air

5.Harmless to skin

6.Recycling is available


Announce Embossing EMI Film "Shieldom"

Announce Embossing EMI Film "Shieldom" Shieldom, newly…

Announce Embossing EMI Film "Shieldom"

Shieldom, newly developed by Joinset, is an innovated conductive cover to produce EMI Form Gasket, as a conductive out-layer on a non-conductive elastomer sponge.
It's consisted of special aluminium alloy foil, natural pulp and hot-melt adhesive coating.

Clear everything by Shieldom!

1. Environment

2. Performance

3. Anti-Corrosion

4. Price

5. Reliabilty

6. Recycle